Take a look at our SILVER Membership Package

Our Silver Package is one of our most popular packages at the lab. Our Silver Package is great for members who want maximum fat loss in minimum time. Our Silver Membership allows you access to an unlimited amount of our Fat Loss classes including our popular Energiser and Resistance and MetCon classes.


Our Silver Membership package includes:

-Unlimited Fat Loss Classes

-Personalised Nutrition Plan

-24/7 Online Support Group

-Recipe/Meal idea's

-Weekly Weigh In's/Measurements


Cost: £49 per month

Student: £39 per month


Bronze Silver Gold SP One2One
Social Media Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Training Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gym Access Yes No Yes No Yes
Fat Loss Classes No Unlimited Unlimited 2 per week No
Personalised Coaching No No No 2 per week 1 per week
Weekly Weigh in No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Review + Progression Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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