Take a look at the Semi Private Membership Package

Our marquee training package at The Performance Lab. Semi Private is the modern, cost effective, exciting alternative to One2One Training. Up to 8 personalized coaching sessions and 8 fat loss classes per month.


Do you work on ever-changing shifts?

Do you require flexibility, adaptability and convenience?

Do you want value for money?

Would you like focused attention, like a personal training session, to get your journey started and reach your goals?

Would you prefer focused coaching to ease you into the change?


Undoubtedly the most value packed membership package you will find anywhere.


Join a community of like-minded people on a journey to a new, stronger, healthier you.


Package includes:

-2 Personalised Semi-Private sessions per week

-2 fat loss classes per week

-Personalised nutrition programme

-24/7 online support group

-You can book all sessions and classes via our convenient and prompt Performance Lab App


Cost: £99 per month


Bronze Silver Gold SP One2One
Social Media Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Training Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gym Access Yes No Yes No Yes
Fat Loss Classes No Unlimited Unlimited 2 per week No
Personalised Coaching No No No 2 per week 1 per week
Weekly Weigh in No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Review + Progression Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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