What Membership package suits your needs?

We encourage and motivate people to move better, feel better, train better and ultimately look better.  One to One and Semi-Private training, offers you expert support and guidance to achieve the results you have been craving for years. Take a look below at what we can offer you to start your journey for change.

Bronze Silver Gold SP One2One
Social Media Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Training Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gym Access Yes No Yes No Yes
Fat Loss Classes No Unlimited Unlimited 2 per week No
Personalised Coaching No No No 2 per week 1 per week
Weekly Weigh in No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Review + Progression Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Specialized S+C Coaching:


We provide expert strength and conditioning coaching to individuals and teams. The expert services we provide include; athlete profiling, strength diagnostics, strength & power training, speed & movement skills development! Our motto is, “If you’re not testing, you’re guessing,” allow our performance specialist coaches to assess your sports specific needs and take you to the next level in your sport. S&C packages also include 24/7 social media support, personalized training and nutritional plans as well as full gym access outside of your coaching sessions.


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One2One Personal Training

Some people will always prefer to train on their own with a coach. They prefer the personal touch. One2One Training offers you expert support and guidance to achieve the results you have been craving for. We have a team of expert coaches who can help you achieve your goals. One2One includes access to our 24/7 social media support group and a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. As a One2One Package member you have access to our gym at no additional cost. We also provide you with a tailored training program to allow you maximize your results by training outside of your allocated One2One session with your coach. You also have the option to spread the cost of your personal training with your friends by enquiring about our Small Group Training Packages.


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